Napp Motorsports - Miata VVT Swap SERIES

Napp Motorsports - Miata VVT Swap SERIES

Episode 1

In this episode Stefan & Dylan begin their first Miata engine swap. How much power can you really get from the BP VVT engine? This is the beginning of a new project where they find out the answer.


Episode 2  

In this episode Stefan & Dylan tear down the new VVT engine and see what they're working with. The end goal here is a high compression 1.8l NA engine. 


Episode 3 

In the 3rd part of the Miata engine swap build series, the boys port and polish the 1.8 liter head! With a minor port job they hope to pull a bit more power out of the engine. 


Episode 4

The boys install the shaved head back onto the motor, and get it ready for the install. 


Episode 5

The VVT goes in! What will she make on the dyno?! 


Episode 6

The day has come, VVT first start! 


Episode 7

One of the most relatable days in any build, a custom exhaust install! The boys build a fully custom 2.5" exhaust. 


Episode 8

What's that?! Dyno day!!!


Episode 9

Let's see what she can do! Drive and review!