About Us


Spiked was accidentality founded in 2020 by me, Jim Huth. I was working on my Miata, and needed a set of hood louvers. I designed a set and mounted them to my car, and shared it on the forums. Demand hit, and I decided to throw a website together and see what happens. The business is constantly evolving, and I have a blast doing it. 

Spiked isn't my day job, I run it out of my garage. I wake up early and go to bed late to make things happen and get orders out of the door. I have 2 kids, as of today one is almost 3 and the other is 9 months. I strive to be a great father and husband, so a side hustle can definitely be tough sometimes.  As a day job, I design and engineer high end bicycles. A little different from racecar parts, but the design/testing/sourcing is all a similar process. 

I've owned many car's over the years, and it's been quite the variety pack. Lancer, RX8, Speed3, Baja Bug, Dodge Ram(6MT), G37, Jeep TJ, Subaru Outback, NA Miata, and currently a Miata BP powered Locost Super Seven.  

I appreciate your faith in me when you place an order, and I hope the parts I make will exceed your expectations.