S550 Mustang GT Hood Louvers 2018+

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 These Aluminum S550 Mustang Hood Vents are designed specifically for the 18+ S550 chassis. They will dramatically improve engine cooling capabilities while also reducing under hood pressure. This means less worrying about overheating when you push your car to the limit, with an increase in downforce as an added bonus! 

These S550 Mustang Hood Louvers are shaped to match the hoods lines, so you won’t sacrifice the styling characteristics of the stock hood. Unlike other vents on the market, these replace the tiny stock vents Ford originally put on the hood. 

  *Requires cutting and drilling hood.



  • Integrated Gurney to improve efficiency 
  • Ship with fins pre-bent in to place 
  • Powder coated satin black 
  • Made in the USA


What's included:

  • Aluminum louvers(pair)
  • Aluminum rivets for mounting
  • Vinyl cut template